Two Little Fishies Marine Snow Plankton Diet 8 oz (250 ml)

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TLF 46622 MS2-RTG
  • Food for filter-feeding marine invertebrates
  • Reproduces the special biogenic suspended matter found in natural seawater
  • Formula based on components of ocean plankton

MarineSnow is a plankton like food for filter-feeding marine invertebrates. This first of its kind product reproduces the special biogenic suspended matter found in natural seawater. These aggregates, collectively called 'marine snow' by ocean researchers, are known to be an important element in the food chain of marine ecosystems. They have been a missing element in closed system aquaria until now. Marine Snow is a food for tropical and cold water marine animals that feed on particulate and dissolved organic matter, phytoplankton and zooplankton. Marine Snow is based on the components of ocean plankton, does not contain yeast or egg solids, and is blended to provide food packages of the right size range for filter feeders. The formula includes suspended microscopic particles ranging in size from 0.2 microns up to 150 microns, and if forms macroscopic snow like aggregates when it mixes with seawater.


Refrigerate after opening. Always shake well before dosing. Maintain strong water circulation (particle velocity of approximately 4 inches per second) in aquarium when feeding this product but discontinue mechanical filtration and protien skimmers for an hour after feeding. Add to a strong current stream for rapid distribution in the water. The current will form and break up the snow-like aggregates. Feed at least one capful (5ml) per 20 gallons per feeding. Larger doses can be added by feeding several times per day, or continuously via drip-feed system or peristatic dosing pump. Do not mix with trace elements or other chemical supplements in a dosing reservoir. MarineSnow can be mixed in an aerated dosing reservoir with live phytoplankton, rotifers, or brine shrimp, and is suitable source of food for brine shrimp. Frequent feeding will not cause build up of excess nutrients.

Ingredients:Deionised water, phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis, Tetraselmis or Thalassiosira, Isochrysis, Spirulina, Schyzochitrium), seaweed meal, zooplankton, citric acid.

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