Sicce Micra Aquarium Pump 1.9ft Head 90 gph

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SIC 101
  • Stainless steal shaft
  • Fully submersible
  • Interchangeable sponge filter

Micra Pumps are completely submersible recirculation pumps driven by a permanent magnet type synchronous motor for every type of aquarium, terrarium, internal or external fountain, landscaping construction, and for any application which requires the recirculation of water. The primary feature of these pumps is that the suction inlet is made from its bottom, which permits optimum operation even with very low water levels. Built in accordance with the most strict international safety standards, the pumps are easy to maintain and have incredible small dimensions for their elevated performance and reliability. The entire line is provided with a variable flow rate regulator as well as adaptors to connect flexible hoses from 13mm to 20mm. The compact dimensions of these pumps, make them ideal for use in small spaces.


•  90gph adjustable flow rate, 1.9' max head, 0.82psi
•  1.9 feet shut off
•  6 watts/ 120 volts
•  CE & UL listed
•  2 year guarantee
•  Stainless steal shaft
•  Available with 6' bipolar or grounded cord
•  Fully submersible
•  Interchangeable sponge filter
•  Tubing adapter for rigid or flexible tubing included
•  Driven by a permanent magnet type synchronous motor 

Spare Parts:
Impeller - #9004
Suction Cup - #90550
Sponge - #90551
Hose connector - #90553
Front panel/volute - #90554
Impeller Micra - 90047/A
Kit suction cups (20 pcs) - 90550
Sponges (10 pcs) - 90551
Flow Taps (5 pcs) - 90552
Small Tube d13 (5 pcs) - 90553
Kit grid (5 pcs) - 90554
Pump Cover (5 pcs) - 90555


Packaging Dimensions: 125×70×150mm

Pump Dimensions: 43mm x 57mm x 52mm
Outlet: 13mm
Outlet Tube Adapter Size: 1/2" or 3/8"

Flow Rate: 90gph (adjustable)

Shut Off Height: 1.9 feet, 0.82psi

Power Consumption: 6 watts


Proceed as follows to install the pump:

1. Before make the product working, verify the integrity of all its parts.

2. For correct functioning the pump must be completely immersed or positioned so the water is not below the suction grids.

3. In aquarium use, before fixing the pump, clean accurately the glass in the area where the suckers will be attached

4. The water flow can be varied using the flow regulator according to appliance and water volume

5. The pump can be connected with either flexible tubes (12×16mm) or rigid (13mm) through the provided adapter

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