Red Sea Tank Net Screen - Hanging Clips

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RS 42087
  • Suitable for most open-top aquariums
  • Extra strong, customized aluminum profiles
  • Includes components for one customized cut-out for filters and spline roller

Sleek and minimal hangers blends in seamlessly rimless, open-top aquariums. The aluminum frame is designed to allow the extra thin transparent net cover to accommodate rim-mounted equipment such as lighting arms, auto-feeders and overflow boxes.

Additional hangers for increased support for type Hanger (C) – 4 Compatible with Red Sea Aquarium Screen Top kits. Great for tops that has a long run that sags a slight bit, just add a few Red Sea Aquarium Top Hangers for added support.

The kit includes:

- 4 Red Sea Aquarium Top Hanger Clips

- Aluminum frame sections/profiles

- Internal and external frame corners

- Spacers and hangers

- 8mm (5/16") netting, which can be cut to size

- Spline rubber for attaching the net to the frame

- Spline roller for inserting the spline

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SKURS 42087
ManufacturerRed Sea
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