World Wide Imports Purple Base Rock 40 lb Box

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WI 08740
  • No artificial or engineered bacteria
  • Rapidly adapts to the LIVE environment
  • Made from aragonite base rock

Purple base rock™ will become naturally live™ over time because of its porosity.


  • Will not cause pH spikes
  • Similar in composition to LIVE rock
  • Perfect for Coral Farming
  • Free of Biofilm
  • Naturally clean™
  • Helps to conserve Natural reefs
  • Will not affect the cycling of your tank
  • Safe for all corals, fish and invertebrates
  • Color coated, does not contain glue or cement

For New Aquarium Setup: To achieve Instant Cycling® use Nature's Ocean® Bio-Activ Live® Aragonite Reef Sand or Substrate along with Nutri-SeaWater® with the Purple base rock™ to provide the perfect start

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SKUWI 08740
ManufacturerWorld Wide Imports
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