Pure Water Pebbles Natural White Live Cichlid Sand 20 lbs

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Benefits of African Cichlid Bio-Activ Live® Sand: 

  • Contains live bacteria to quickly stabilize your tank
  • Immediately removes nitrogenous waste(Ammonia, Nitrite and helps remove Nitrate)
  • Restores natural organic balance
  • This product is natural not artificial, prevents bio-fouling
  • Reduces harmful nitrate
  • Maintains proper pH for the life of the aquarium
  • Provide enhanced buffering capacity
  • Provides essential inorganic elements such as strontium, cobalt, zinc and Molybdenum

Recommended Use:

Use a minimum of 1lb PureWaterPebbles® African Cichlid Substrate per gallon of fresh water. Setup filtering system and allow it to circulate. During the first month introduce no more than 1" of fish per 5 gallon fresh water.

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SKUWI 88426
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