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SR Aquaristik Pro Sump 80 Filtration Sump

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SRA 5569


  • Quality acrylic construction
  • Built in filter sock holders
  • Adjustable water level adjustment

The SR Aquaristik Pro Sump 80 was designed to combine functionality, design, and style in one convenient package. This quality sump will exceed the expectations of the most demanding aquarium enthusiast.

  • Easy access compartments
  • Reinforced Upper and Bottom Rim
  • Pump and skimmer control mounts


Features and Dimensions:

Skimmer Chamber: L 18” 46cm x W 9 ¾” 25cm

Return Chamber: L 11” 28cm x W 4 ¾” 11cm

Filter Socks: x 1

Auto Top Off Bracket: x 1

Drain 1: 1" x 1” Drain 2: 1" x ¾”

Overall Footprint: L 20” 50cm x W 17 ¾” 46cm x H 15” 38cm

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