Pre-packed Color Change Resin Filter

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Pre-Packed DI Cartridges let you just remove and replace your current DI cartridge without having to repack it with new resin that takes time, and can create a mess. Deionization (DI) Resin is used as the last stage of a RODI system to reduce any remaining total dissolved solids (TDS) down to undetectable levels, making perfect water for reef tanks.

Deionization Resin will start to deplete as soon as it is exposed to air and traditional plastic packaging allows for a small amount of air transfer that will degrade the lifespan of the resin. The Pre-packed Color Change Resin Filters are vacuum sealed in a 4mm foil-lined Mylar bag, that removes all the air and keeps it out! With the mylar bags, we have found they keep the resin fresher for longer.



  • Mixed, Color Changing DI Resin.
  • Nuclear Grade.
  • Fits Most Standard Reverse Osmosis Systems
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