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Oase HeatUp 25 Adjustable Aquarium Heater
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Oase HeatUp 50 Adjustable Aquarium Heater
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Oase HeatUp 100 Adjustable Aquarium Heater
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Oase HeatUp 150 Adjustable Aquarium Heater
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Oase HeatUp 200 Adjustable Aquarium Heater
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Oase HeatUp 300 Adjustable Aquarium Heater
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Oase HeatUp 400 Adjustable Aquarium Heater
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  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Uniform temperature levels
  • Can be integrated into many Oase filters

The quartz glass adjustable heater maintains an even temperature level in aquariums. Choose the right size of heater, depending on the size of the aquarium. The adjustable heater is high-quality, easy to install and can be used in continuous operation. The activated indicator light lets you control the heating function with ease. The HeatUp adjustable heater is suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It can also be retrofitted with the BioMaster, BioPlus and FiltoSmart.

Oase HeatUp Aquarium heaters are a robust and reliable way of controlling the temperature in your tank. The Oase HeatUp Aquarium Heaters are high quality thermoheaters which will reliably maintain your aquarium water temperature at the desired level.

Simple to use, the temperature can be set using the temperature dial located at the top of the heater with a temperature range of 18 - 32°C.

The temperature levels are controlled and monitored by the patented bi-metal technology running through the heater and they have an indicator light which will illuminate when the heating element is active.

Oase have also incorporated a patented recalibration system that allows you to adjust the heater by + / - 3 °C to allow for a difference between the tank and the filter temperatures. The Oase HeatUp Heater must be must be submerged and can be mounted using the supplied heater holder.


  • Accurate temperature adjustments – Temperature scale can be adjusted between 66°F - 90°F. A secondary control knob allows for precise readjustment of the temperature within +/- 2°F.

  • Uniform temperature levels – Temperature levels are monitored and controlled by bi-metal technology for automated heating. Includes a thermal shutoff switch for added protection.

  • Durable – High quality, double insulated quartz glass. Created to withstand greater temperature fluctuations than glass.

  • Filter integration capabilities - Integrate HeatUp 50-300 into OASE filters to combine filtration and heating into one location

  • What’s in the Box – Aquarium heater, holder with suction cups and integrated post calibration tool, and power cord

  • Heating function is displayed via activated control light

  • Easy to install with the use of the included holder with suction cups

  • Made in Italy, backed by German engineering

  • Fresh and marine water compatible

  • UL certified

  • 3 year warranty


Oase HeatUp Aquarium Heater Recommended for tanks up to Size Sku
25 Watt 10 gallons  8" long OA 33798
50 Watt 15 gallons 8" long OA 33799
100 Watt 30 gallons 9.6" long OA 33802
150 Watt 40 gallons 12" long OA 33803
200 Watt 55 gallons 12" long OA 33804
300 Watt 80 gallons 14.6" long OA 33805
400 Watt 106 gallons 17.3" long OA 77117


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