Nature's Ocean Atlantic Crushed Gravel #4 20 lbs

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WI 10351

Benefits of Nature's Ocean® Reef Substrates: 

  • 100 % From The Ocean Floor
  • Natural crushed coral sand
  • Maintains superior pH and marine chemical balance
  • Provides maximum surface area for biological nitrification
  • Scientifically graded for uniformity which provides maximumwater flow and aeration
  • Prevents anaerobic (Dead Spots) in Bacteria bed.
  • Completely chemical free
  • Pre-washed (minimum rinse required)

Use at a rate of 10lbs per square foot of the tank floor's bottom area which yields about a 1" deep covering. Depending on your needs or preferences the depth may vary from 1/8" to 3"s of covering.

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SKUWI 10351
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