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JBL Korall Fluid (coral food with vitamins and amino acids)

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JBL Korall Fluid 100ml (coral food with vitamins and amino acids)

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JBL Korall Fluid 500ml (coral food with vitamins and amino acids)

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Liquid Food with Vitamins for Corals

  • Complete nutrition, optimal growth and coloring of corals, tube worms, mollusks in the marine aquarium
  • Nutritious and rich in vitamins with Phyto and zooplankton – strong growth thanks to essential amino acids
  • Resistance to disease and optimal coloring thanks to multivitamin complexes
  • Corals choose JBL liquid food: during feeding trials in the coral reef nocturnal corals opened their polyps as soon as JBL KorallFluid was added into the water
  • Contents: main food for invertebrates. After opening to be used up within 4 months. In high-quality packaging with dosing pipette. Can be stored unopened for 3 years

Animal welfare is important to us. No processing of cheap fish meal, we use fish meat from fish fillet production with the motto: The large fillet for humans and the small fillet for our aquarium fish!

The results of the JBL research expeditions, combined with the expertise of the JBL research and development team, has resulted in optimal and balanced food mixtures made of high-quality ingredients.

Why use JBL fish food?
- The use of pure fish protein not cheap fish meal.
- Ideal protein/fat ratio.
- Proteins from aquatic organisms.
- Reduction of algae growth and optimal fish growth thanks to adapted phosphate content.
- Little vitamin loss due to airtight sealed packaging.

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