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JBL CalciuMarin Calcium Suppliment for Marine Invertibrates 500g

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JBL 2491000


  • Raises calcium levels naturally in saltwater
  • Contains Strontium
  • Concentrated

Calcium supplement 500 g for marine aquariums

Nature at Home – Home for tropical reef dwellers
Lower animals and corals need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as they do in nature. Convert the aquarium water into biotope water and provide your animals with a regular supply of minerals and trace elements. Also for the water change and the setting-up.

For the supply of all calcifying organisms
JBL CalciuMarin is an easily-soluble mineral salt mixture containing calcium, strontium and hydrogen carbonate in the same proportions as naturally occur in the sea. It is therefore highly suitable for providing all calcific organisms in the salt-water aquarium (calcareous algae, corals, shellfish etc.) with all the vital elements needed for lime synthesis. At the same time, the pH levels are stabilized and carbonate hardness is held at the ideal level of 12-15° dKH.


For healthy and strong coral growth in marine aquariums: calcium, strontium and carbonate hardness supplement

Add component 1 to the aquarium (into the current), wait for 10 minutes, add component 2. Or premix in open vessel and add

To use: Adding two components supplements calcium, carbonate hardness and strontium, which react with each other and create the desired compound. Reaction after the use of 2 components: calcium hydrogen carbonate, sodium chloride, strontium complex are generated

Package contents: 1 bag CalciuMarin, component 1 and 1 bag component 2 (powdered form) 24910 for marine aquariums

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