Fritz Mardel Protoshield 32 oz

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FTZ 43232
  • Builds a defensive slime shield around your fish
  • Natural oils & extracts help maintain aquarium fish in optimum health
  • For fresh and saltwater; effective &reef safe

Bioadhesive supplement repairs and strengthens a fishes natural slime coat which strengthens the fishes defense against protozoan infections such as velvet.

New natural oils and filming technology for the relief of unwelcome parasites. The natural oils are combined with a polymer that acts as a slime coat and carries the oils to the body of the fish. A protein solubilizer helps promote the penetration of the oils into the cell structure of the fish’s skin. The crowning additive is the Biospheres® Technology. This causes the treatment package to be covered with a shield to maintain contact.


  • Bioadhesive supplement protects from infections
  • Herbal aquarium treatment for relief of common protozoan infections
  • Strengthens fish slime coat, the first line of defense against parasites

Bio-adhesive supplement repairs and strengthens the fish’s natural slime coat which protects against protozoan infections including velvet, trichodina and Ick.

Protoshield® is a revolutionary new way to help maintain fish optimum health. Proven, natural oils and extracts are combined with a patented film forming matrix to help repair and strengthen a fish’s natural slime coat and help provide a protective shield around your fish. A fish’s slime coat acts as the first line of defense for fish against protozoan infections.

Active Ingredients: Chitosan, D-Limonene, Manuka Oil, Neem Oil

Use at the first signs of an infection to help prevent the spread of the parasite to fish in the aquarium. Fritz Aquatics Mardel Herbal Treatments Protoshield is safe for all freshwater and saltwater fish, invertebrates, and plants. Reef safe. 4 oz treats 590 gallons.

Common Protozoan Infections of Fish

  • Protozoan Velvet: Tiny yellowish-white spots. Fish shows signs of loss of color, rubbing or scratching against bottom.
  • Protozoan Parasites (Trichodina sp.): Fish shows signs of extra mucous, causing a white to bluish haze on the skin. The skin may develop ulcers and the fin may fray. Fish exhibit signs of rapid breathing, flashing and scratching or rubbing on rocks and become lethargic.
  • Ick: Small white spots may cover entire body; fish may rub or scratch against bottom.

Please Note:

Special note on Protoshield® Do not exceed recommended dosage. This product may slow biological filtration. During use some sessile invertebrates will retract for the first several hours. This condition will be temporary and may last for up to 24 hours. Tested on Stone Polyp, Brain Favites, Mushroom (Rhodactis), Ricordea Sp., Favia Fragum, Plate Coral Sp., Tubastraea Sp., Knobby Leather Sp., Acropora Sp., Finger Coral (Porites) coral species. All corals and polyps may not react the same way as the test species. Follow dosage directions as detailed on the product packaging.


Size: 32 oz.

Treats: 4,720 gal.

Item Number: 43232


Available Sizes:



Item Number

4 oz.

590 gal.


32 oz.

4,720 gal.



More Information (directions for use)

1. Shake well before using.

2. Remove carbon from filter; add 4 drops per gallon or 5ml (1 tsp) per 25 gallons of water to be treated.

3. Treat every other day for a total of three treatments.

4. Raising the aquarium temperature to above 80 degrees will increase the effectiveness of the treatment for some species being kept.

5. Do not exceed temperatures of 84 degrees and always ensure adequate aeration is provided for the fish, particularly when treating at higher temperatures.

6. For reef tanks and aquariums with invertebrates the dosage should be adjusted to two treatments of two drops per gallon or 5ml (1 tsp) per 50 gallons 12 hours apart.

7. Treat every other day for a total of 6 treatments ( 2 treatments per day).

Note: Consult a veterinarian or fish expert for assistance in diagnosis of disease causing organisms and treatment options.

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