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Flipper Standard Stainless Steel Replacement Blade (2 Pack)

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  • For use only in glass aquariums
  • Replace blades every 3-6 months to keep your flipper cleaning like new!
  • Quick and easy installation

Each package contains two standard stainless steel replacement scraper blades. Blade replacement is recommended every 3-6 months to maintain optimum cleaning power.

Flipper Standard Stainless Steel replacement blades for the Flipper Magnetic Aquarium Algae Cleaner let you continue removing algae as quickly and effectively as you did the first time you used your Flipper Cleaner. Safe for freshwater or saltwater setups. Flipper Cleaner Replacement Blades are available in your choice of Stainless Steel or Plastic. Each measures 2-15/16" x 9/16".


Blade Replacement Instruction:

1. Remove old blade by lifting up each tab and pulling.

2. Do not grab the sharp edge of blade when removing.

3. New blade will snap into only one correct direction.

4. For optimal cleaning replace blade every 2-5 months

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