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  1. Which of your phytoplankton species are the best?

    There is no best species. Different species of phytoplankton are more easily consumed and digested by different forms of sea life. It is best to give your captive reef a broad variety of feeding options. This increases the biodiversity, more closely mirroring natural seas and reefs.

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  2. How can I tell if my product has spoiled?

    Phyto2 will smell sour and sulphurous and the cells will clump into large chunks and masses (.125" or larger) on the bottom of the bottle. AZOX, NAUPS, NAUPS-D, Rotiplex and S.E.L.C.O. BOOST will show no difference and should be disposed off after 14 months.

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  3. What is the shelf life of your products ?
    All perishable Aqua-Tech products are labeled with a Lot number and born on date. The date is represented by four digits (00/00). These represent month and year of the item's production. Phyto2 family products have a 120 to 160 day shelf life, provided they are refrigerated and shaken on a regular basis. Phyto2 does not necessarily "spoil" after that time, the cells will just begin to lose nutritional value. AZOX has a six month shelf life and should be disposed of after that time. Please remember to recycle the bottles of all your products.
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  4. How to contact seller
    How to contact s seller
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