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Bob Smith Industries IC-Gel Coral Glue Accelerator

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Bob Smith Industries Insta-Set Accelerator Pump Spray Bottle 2 fl oz

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Bob Smith Industries Insta-Set Accelerator Refill Bottle 8 fl oz

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  • Ideal for Mounting/Gluing Coral Frags
  • Helps make an instant bond
  • Can be used on any cyanoacrylate glue

IC-Gel Coral Glue Accelerator will help speed up the set time when using any cyanoacrylate glue or paste. One of the most difficult aspects of fragging a coral or gluing plants to a piece of rock or driftwood is waiting for the glue to set up.  The coral falls over or the plant becomes disengaged from its intended surface. IC-Gel Coral Glue Accelerator makes things quick and easy! Simply glue your frag or plant to the intended surface and then spray a small amount of glue accelerator on the glue.  Place in the water immediately after application to dissipate the heat generated by the accelerator.


  • Keep out of reach of children
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SKUBSI 151 BSI 152
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