Black Beach Pebble 1-5cm 5kg bag

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This product is hand-picked and 100% natural stones pounded by the relentless surf, black beach pebbles develop a smooth rounded finish. Best of all, it is not treated with any chemicals and tested to be aquarium safe.

Pebble mulch in interior or exterior garden beds use in water features, aquariums & ponds perfect for walkways & driveways.

SR Aquaristik Black Beach Pebble does not impact the water quality as they are natural and hand picked by experts.



  • The Texture and Grey Color are 100% Natural.
  • Rounded and flattened variation.
  • Perfect for Water features, Aquariums & All Landscape Applications.
  • Not treated with any chemicals.
  • Pebbles range in size from: 1-5 cm
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